What are the different types of e-cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette can also be referred to as an e-cigarette. It has additional names too. Electronic cigs are known for their noncombustible feature. For those who use the cigarette, the activity is known as vaping. Rather than smoking, a user decides to inhale the vapor. E-cigarettes are typically known for having a significant heating element, which quickly atomizes an e-liquid. So what are the different types of e-cigarettes?


An e-cig is a unique type of electronic cigarette. Unlike traditional cigarettes, it comes with several exclusive benefits. For example, there is no burning or smoke or tar. Traditional cigarettes have over 3,000 chemicals coupled with toxins, which include cyanide. For about ten packs of 30 cigs burned, about 2g of tar remains in the consumer’s lungs. The effects of traditional smoking do not come from that tobacco but from that smoke created through burning the tobacco.

Hookah pens

 Vaping has successfully changed the smoking idea. Given the conventional hose-toting hookah cigs, the entire field is transitioning. These are pretty much common on the market even though there are blurry definitions. But finding high-quality hookah pens provides you with a great introduction to the alternative, which is the hookah smoking. In reality, electronic hookah devices are way different and unique from the ordinary cigs. However, there are still several options you can always go to the market. That is if you need an e-cig.


If an individual vapes, they are breathing in the flavored steam that has nicotine from a vaping device rather than smoking tobacco in a pipe. Usually, the vape takes the shape of a small device, which ends up heating dry herbs as well as liquid nicotine while creating a vapor that can be inhaled. A vape is the short form of a vaporizer.

Vape pens

Regardless of what you would like to vape, there is always a vape pen of your preference. But with several products on the market, finding the right one may be daunting. Thus, it is important to simplify the process by defining vape pens and how they are used. We have simplified it for you. You should look at the kind of substance you would like to use and then review the top products on the market. 

Vape Mods

A vape mod is a large device as compared to an e-cigarette. It is also known for its high vapor content and production. The kind of machine takes a cue from the regular vape pen. However, it is more enhanced in such a way that it can include specific advanced features. The advancement of a mod can easily take any for. For instance, following their size, vape mods tend to possess larger batteries while holding significantly more liquid. 


As outlined above, there are different types of e-cigs. All you need to know is the ideal kind that works out well for you. In this blog post, you will learn more about the pros and cons of purchasing e-cigs, including why are they are prominent on the market.

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