How to Use Vaping to Quit Smoking

Are you considering vaping to quit smoking? Did you know that every year, 500,000 people die for tobacco-related diseases? Imagine that. What’s more? It is estimated that another eight million people are expected to die prematurely worldwide because of tobacco use. When your smoking is so profound that means you’ll likely to have a limited time on earth. How long is too difficult to predict.

Look; finding out that you are dying is upsetting news that can affect you and the people close to you. Now, let’s get to the point here. How to vape to quit smoking?

Taking the First Step

Vaping to quit smoking is an easy process. It might not make any sense right now, but it will in the next minutes.

You see, when you get into vaping for the first, you’ll want to get the strongest and highest level of nicotine. This approach is the smartest to take because you’ll start to appreciate stronger and high-level nicotine a lot more than lighter and low-level options. Once you start to get comfortable using e-cigarettes, then you can drop down the nicotine level.

Yes, you will notice the difference and it’s a scary thought, but it’s a small price to pay. Think about it this way, you’re simply changing cigarette brands and going for a lighter punch. Within no time, you and your body will get used to these changes. You get the idea, right?

If you want to get used to lower nicotine levels, then you should invest your time to get a hang of vaping. This is because if you can’t get a hang of it you’ll end up feeling more agitated. In any case, wouldn’t you rather take your time to do things properly instead of getting to the end quick?

Getting To Zero Nicotine, Not As Scary As It Seems

While people have raised concerns about vaping, there are studies that show that it could help people quit smoking. Thus, if you have decided to quit smoking, you should feel confident that this day will come. On this day, you will finally be free of all the chains that nicotine has held you with for years.

You’ll know when it is time to hit low strength options. If you have been a heavier smoker, vape pens will be the best to try. Keep your vape pen away at specific times in a day to allow you to stop being reliant on it. The lower you go the more you need to deliberately leave your vape pen at home. Low strength is just one more step towards becoming a non-smoker, increasing your savings, and becoming healthier. 

The Trick to getting it Right

Ultimately, there is a need for good studies to assess the long-term effects of vaping to quit smoking. But, the best thing to do is to take things slow. The longer you take at each stage, the better the length of time you stay without returning to your old habits.

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