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How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety

Who else spoke to their doctor about your anxiety and found themselves on a cocktail of antidepressants? It’s a familiar story to many people, and it usually ends with nasty side effects. Does this sound familiar? If you answered yes, then I’d like to tell you about a special compound known as CBD, which has anti-anxiety-producing properties.

CBD has been used for many purposes, so why recommend it for anxiety

If you are looking for a natural alternative, then you’ll be glad to know that CBD helps with anxiety. CBD is a compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant, which is known to have relaxation properties. This explains why marijuana is the most popular alternative for anxiety.

Most of the research on cannabis products have looked at marijuana use rather than CBD as a standalone product. However, according to research, CBD activates the 5HT1-A serotonin receptor, which modulates anxiety and mood. In fact, according to a study, CBD might be superior compared to other antidepressants that cooperate with the production of serotonin.

For Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), research revealed that CBD products reduced stress in animals such as rats. The subjects exhibited lower behavioral signs of anxiety, and physiological symptoms such as increased heart rate improved. However, I should point out that more research needs to be done, more so in people. 

People with other forms of anxiety, including Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), may also benefit from CBD. Cannabidiol products may also be used to treat anxiety-induced insomnia.


How to use CBD for anxiety?

The role of CBD in the treatment for anxiety looks positive. As a more long term, research studies are conducted to assess the potential benefits and risks of using CBD, they remain excellent supplementary to prescribed treatment. CBD is a potential alternative solution for people who have gotten no relief from other treatments.

If you are considering using CBD oil for anxiety, the first thing you need to do is speak to your doctor. Their professional opinion will help you determine the proper treatment for you.

To use CBD for anxiety, take a dropper half full (25 mg) every morning before you leave for work. As long as it is not full-spectrum CBD, you shouldn’t experience any mind-altering. Hold it under your tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing to allow it to absorb into your bloodstream. As time goes by, you can increase your dose to find your sweet spot.

Anxiety is part of life, CBD is a way to manage it

Anxiety attacks often come quickly, and one needs a fast solution. CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream from under the tongue in a matter of minutes. In the case of chronic anxiety, you should consider CBD soft gels as they provide a long-lasting effect.

The bottom line: CBD products, which are extracted from the hemp plant, are a natural solution to a natural part of life. But, don’t stop taking the medication you have been prescribed by your doctor.

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