Tips to Make Your Vape Batteries Last Longer

Vape batteries are not the same as your ordinary batteries. They are more powerful compared and needs to be handled carefully. As a vape user, you need to pay particular attention and care to your vape batteries. In fact, those who do not end up ruining their vape devices or worse, cause their vape devices to explode. If you want your CBD vape to last longer, you have to know the proper way to take care of your vape batteries. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

Use the right batteries

The first thing that you should do is to make sure that the vape batteries you use are compatible with your vape device. When purchasing your batteries, make sure that they come in the right specs as recommended by the manufacturer.

Do not over drain your batteries

For your CBD vape, it is best if you do not drain your batteries. Lithium-ion batteries lose their power capacity the more they get drained. It is better to charge your batteries before it empties because this can prolong their lifespan.

Use battery cases

When you are not using the batteries, do not just throw them in your bag or packets. Get a battery case. They come pretty cheap. This is because unprotected batteries can short circuit when they come in contact with other metal objects. The worst case scenario of this happening is that the batteries would explode.

Do not use fake batteries


There are a lot of counterfeit batteries in the market right now. Make sure you buy your batteries from reputable merchants. Using fake batteries may provide you with little power, can cause your device to malfunction, and worse, cause an explosion.

Take care when charging

When it comes to your vape batteries, never leave them charging unattended overnight. Overcharging can cause problems, although they are very rare. Also, you should never charge them with a charger meant for another device. Always use the appropriate charger.

Be mindful of temperature

Temperature can strain your batteries. Exposure to high temperatures can make your batteries age faster or vent. Exposure to low temperatures also takes a toll on the capacity of the vape batteries. It is best that you store the batteries in a place that is away from sunlight. If you live in an area where changes in the temperature are frequent and extreme, it is recommended that you store all your batteries in a small, insulated container.

Replace your batteries

Your vape batteries can lose their power and capacity when they are being used for a long time – even the rechargeable ones. You can tell that it is time for a replacement when you notice that your batteries are taking too long to charge. It is recommended that you replace your batteries after 6 months to a year, depending on how much you are vaping.

Recycle, do not dispose

When you replace your old batteries, do not throw them away in the trashcan. The vape battery can easily short circuit if it comes in contact with other metallic items in your trash and this can cause serious hazards. Find a way to recycle your batteries instead. If not, place the batteries in a box or sealed package before disposing of them.

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