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E-cigs: The Safer Alternative to Smoking

A lot of smokers have switched to e-cigs these days. (E-cigs vs cigs) These e-cigs have been marketed as the answer to a safer alternative for smoking and have even helped other smokers quit nicotine and tobacco. Because of this, you can find a lot of different vape products in the market today—and most of these unique e-cigs are always in demand. But what do we really know about these e-cigs?

What is an e-cig?

E-cig is short for “electronic cigarette.” The e-cig goes by many names such as a vaporizer, vape, vape pens, electronic nicotine delivery systems, and many more. It is a battery-powered device that emits doses of vaporized non-nicotine concentrates that come in the form of oil, wax, or dried herbs. The user inhales the vapor and provides the same sensation that comes with inhaling smoke, only you use vapor instead of smoke. For those who still want to stick to their smoking ways, there are also nicotine solutions available. However, the e-cig is marketed mostly for those who want to stop or cut down their smoking habits.

The first models of e-cigs were made to look and take up the form of a normal cigarette wherein it is a long tube that looks like a cigar or a pen. Today, you will find different sizes and forms in the market so there are always unique e-cigs to match the user’s personality or style.

What is in an e-cig?

An e-cig is composed of a mouthpiece or the cartridge, a rechargeable battery, a heating element, and electronic circuits. The mouthpiece or cartridge is attached to the end of a tube. The mouthpiece holds a small plastic cup that contains the vape concentrate. The cartridge is refillable and replaceable. The heating element is known as the atomizer. This heats the vape concentrate and causes the vaporization. The battery provides power for the atomizer and is usually rechargeable.

How do e-cigs work?

The user sucks on the mouthpiece, which activates the sensor to heat up and vaporize the concentration. As the concentration vaporizes, the person inhales the vapor solution and “smokes” out the flavorful and aromatic vapor.

What makes e-cigs better?

As mentioned earlier, e-cigs are marketed to provide a solution for those who want to lessen or stop their smoking habits. It provides the same sensation as smoking a regular cigarette only without tobacco, nicotine, and smoke. Because of this, e-cigs are able to bypass the risks that are usually associated with smoking cigarettes.

It has been proven to be a helpful withdrawal tool for smoking. As we all know, for a habitual smoker, withdrawal to smoking can be very difficult and in some cases, it can even cause more health problems. But with the help of an e-cig, you barely get to feel the symptoms of withdrawal. Smokers can start with vape concentrates that have traces of nicotine and tobacco in them then eventually reduce the concentration until they start vaping the concentrates without nicotine and tobacco in them.

Because of its aesthetic appeal and the fact that the vapor does not smell as bad as cigarette smoke, the youth are better off experimenting with vapes first than doing smoking. When they choose non-nicotine concentrates, parents do not have to worry about it being an addicting habit.

As you can see, e-cigs are not so complicated. They do not require a huge adjustment for those who already smoke. And they are safe for those who have not even tried smoking. Overall, we can conclude that e-cigs are definitely a safer and better alternative compared to tobacco and cigarettes.

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