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What Are The Top Common Types Of Vaporizers?

A vaporizer refers to a vape. This is also known as a device that’s used in vaporizing various substances associated with inhalation. With that said, plant substances such as cannabis may be used in the manufacture of vaporizers. Other than that, there are different types of vaporizers, including the two in one vaporizer. This article gives you insight into the various types of vaporizers.

  • Desktop Vaporizers

A desktop vaporizer refers to a vape material that lasts longer compared to the portable one. Such vaporizers are perfect for individuals who often smoke from their homes. Besides, being a plugin device, the vaporizer doesn’t need gas as well as batteries; all you must do is plug it into a socket.

some types of vaporizers
  • The Standard Vaporizer

The standard vaporizer is known as the box vaporizer. It uses a major ceramic heating component. The element needs its user to inhale via some form of a tube. Therefore, the whole process of inhalation creates a current that ends up pulling some ounces of hot air into the herbs. The user will then be permitted to go on maintaining the device’s control. 

3 types of vaporizers
  • The Forced Air Vaporizer

A forced-air vaporizer offers the user some form of high-quality vapor via convention heating. With that said, the convention heating successfully passes the device’s warm air into some volume of herbs. The material is then burned directly. The result is some quality vapor steam that’s not harmful to the consumer in any way.

  • Electric Vaporizers

An electric vaporizer allows the user to adjust its temperature without the applications of an analog dial. With that said, some models direct a significant form of airflow via the herbs. These herbs end up filling up a type of balloon. The consumer who is the smoker, in this case, is required to generate air. This can be achieved by inhaling via a tube. 

  • Table-top Vaporizers

A table-top vaporizer is pretty large. It’s also plugged into a reliable source of power for someone to successfully use it. Since their sizes are primarily dependent on the outlet of the wall, you may find it challenging to carry the vaporizer around. Generally, it comes with its mouthpiece, which often looks like a hose.

  • Bag Vaporizer
all types of vaporizers

Also known as a balloon vaporizer, a bag vaporizer allows its users to carry it around while smoking for hours. Besides, it has a fan in its interior to enable it to pass out hot air via the chamber. This is a perfect option for parties and other social events. Not only does it have a typical smell and taste but is also economical in many ways. 


There are several types of vaporizers. Being a consumer, you need to familiarize yourself with the best options in the market. Since there are several suppliers too, it’s essential to learn more about the types. This article has highlighted the necessary information regarding vaporizers.

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