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Guidelines On How To Use A Vape Pen Effectively

Indeed, the vaping industry has significantly advanced over the years. Consequently, due to the introduction of vape pens in the market, most individuals enjoy using vaporizer pen better. However, some do not know how to use a vape pen, thus end up not enjoying as the smoke. In this article, various steps that can help you have more fun with your pen in question will be discussed.

  • Open the pen by removing the top cap

First, you need to open the pen so that you can be able to insert the wax pen. However, this step is relatively easy since you only need to remove the top cap of the device. Also, you need to check if it is in good condition before proceeding. You can clean it first if need be.

  • Prepare the wax ball

Secondly, you need to prepare the concentrate by gathering it at a dab tool in a small amount. Approximately, 0.1g would be enough to be loaded on a standard best vape pen. However, on a pen with a relative dipper coil, you can prepare more.

  • Load it to the pen

Unquestionably, some individuals do not know how to load a vape pen correctly. First, you need to learn how to handle the concentrates properly when loading it. For example, avoid touching it with your hand since the quality will be degraded. Instead, you can use a tool such as a dabber, to help you load it.

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  • Turn it on

If you know how to smoke dabs, you are most likely to have a clear understanding of how to turn on the pen in question. However, if not, it is relatively easy. You only need to press the on button. In case the device doesn’t power up, you need to check if the battery is well charged.

  • Prime the wax

After lighting the device, you need to prime the wick before you start vaping. It helps in melting the wax onto the coil, and the area around it. As a result, the pen produces consistent hits and better vapor from the first time you vape.

  • While inhaling, hold the fire button down

Consequently, after you prime the wick, you can start vaping. However, are usually not sure of how long to hold the vape button. Essentially, the main aim priming the wick is to pre-melt the concentrate to make sure it sinks to the chamber and surrounds the heating coil. Therefore, you should hold the button until the wax melts and begins vaporizing.

  • Pen storage

Lastly, you need to store the dab pen in a safe place to ensure it is secure. Consequently, storing it in a smell proof kit is more advisable since the equipment will prevent the flavored smell from spreading. Also, the device can be easily organized in the package in question.

use a vape pen

The bottom line, In conclusion, you need to know simple procedure required for you to understand how to use a vape pen effectively. Some of the steps are such as opening the cap and preparing the wax ball, loading it on the pen and then switch it on, prime the wax, and finally start inhaling. Also, you should know the appropriate place to store the device. Therefore, if you would like to know how to vape using a pen, consider using the guidelines given.

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