Top Health Benefits of Turning To Electronic Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette refers to a battery-operated device that often emits small volumes of vaporized nicotine as well as non-nicotine solutions. It aims at offering a similar sensation to consuming tobacco smoke, but, without a smoke. Also known as e-cigs, the electronic delivery system, vape pens, as well as vaporizer cigarettes, are marketed to help in cutting down smoking. Until now, Hleef cigs have been taken up by thousands of smokers across the world. Here are the top reasons why you should also consider emulating these individuals in consuming electronic cigarettes.

  • Vaping Is Less Harmful Than  Conventional Smoking

E-cigs heat nicotine which is extracted from tobacco and other flavorings to create water vapor. This vapor is then inhaled. On the other hand, regular cigarettes contain up to 6,000 chemicals in the form of toxins. Although we do not know the exact chemicals in flavorings, it’s clear that you expose yourself to lesser toxins when you vape than when you consume traditional toxins.

  • Vaping Is Less Addictive Than Conventional Smoking

Vaping is touted to be less addictive. Therefore, it allows users to get high without any form of combustion. While the vapor juice spares the respiratory system, marijuana may still have adverse effects on the cognitive function. However, this is more intense in conventional smoking than in e-cigs.  

vape vs smoke
  • You Have More Control Over Your Nicotine Intake 

With vaping, you have full control over the nicotine intake and dosage. The e-juice is also available in different flavors and strengths. You can easily select the amount of nicotine you will ingest. Usually, most vapors start with high levels of nicotine. They then gradually move to lower levels of consumption. Others may eliminate it.  

  • You Have Control Over The Vapor Output

An additional advantage of vaping is that you have control over the volume of vapor inhaled. As such, smaller devices such as pod vapes are created for convenience as well as low vapor. High-powered mods are on the other side suitable for cloud chasing.  It’s easy to adjust the power output, coil type, as well as the airflow of the e-cig. 

  • There’s No Odor 

This is one of the most significant advantages. With e-cigs, you and your surrounding will not smell of any smoke. The vaping can have some aroma from the flavors used. However, this isn’t some smoke from the tobacco leaves. To other people, the smell of this vapor is hardly noticeable. Therefore, at times, you may receive compliments regarding the aroma of the e-cig.  

  • E-cigs Are Safer Than Vaping
vape vs smoke

According to the prestigious Royal College of Physicians, vaping is taking over the smoking sector. They have recently stated that it is about 90 percent safer than smoking. This was based on vast research conducted by the professors in the institution. Also, since there’s no combustion or tar lined with vaping, smokers should switch to this form of smoking.

Summary When it comes to vaping experience, people have mixed reactions. You may have read different articles about its health benefits on one day and its disadvantages on the next day. If you have been thinking about delving into vaping from traditional smoking, it may be pretty confusing. This guide offers you a list of the advantages associated with smoking e-cigs. It is, however, vital to take into consideration the advice of an expert on the same subject. E-cigarettes can also benefit adult smokers when used as a substitute for conventional cigarettes.

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