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Hleef has over 10 years experience in Vape manufacturing, deliver the best vape with affordable price!



Shenzhen HLEEF Technology specializes in CBD/THC/Hemp oil vapes for years, boasting top vaporizer solution provider.

We has more than 250 workers and 30 production lines that enable 100,000 pcs cartridges/pods being produced every day. As the top CBD/THC/Hemp oil vape manufacturer in China, we offers one-stop services including development, production, packaging, and Express.

Hleef is your best partner to explore a huge CBD/THC market! OEM & ODM are welcomed.

Our vision is to provide reliable and efficient services for our patrons, with a commitment to integrity, innovation, and excellence!

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“After a month of owning this little vape, the build of this vape and versatility is great. The vapor made on this vape is satisfying. the squeeze button is great. would be cool if you could turn on/off an 'auto draw' function in future models.”
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“This thing is awesome, I only have 2 complaints which is pretty good and they aren’t too bad. The only things I dislike about this device is the black paint comes off super easy so I would recommend the silver one to fix that issue, and also the latch was designed to be a little wobbly, it’s not a big deal just not as smooth of a latch as I anticipated. ”

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